Vocabulary for Parents and Educators

The five areas of reading are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

What is phonemic awareness?

     Phonemic awareness is the "sounds" of reading.  It is hearing sounds in spoken words and being able to manipulate or change those sounds.  Phonemic awareness is something you do orally; no pencil or paper.  You can practice phonemic awareness in the dark!

What is phonics?

     Phonics is the correspondence of letters and sounds.  You need the lights on for this one!  Phonics is seeing print and being able to attach meaning to that print.

What is fluency?

     Fluency is how we sound when we read.  A fluent reader can read at an appropriate rate and read the text accurately.

What is Vocabulary?

     Vocabulary is the words we are able to read and understand. 

What is Comprehension?

     Comprehension is reading with understanding.  In order for us to comprehend text, we need to understand what we are reading and make connections to the text.  There are several strategies and skills students learn in order to be able to comprehend text on their own.

RtI:  Response to Intervention--This is the newest mandate for schools to provide interventions to children in order to keep them from falling behind.  It is also the process that helps to identify possible learning disabilities for students who may require special education.